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Cell Phone Water Damage

Cell Phone Water Damage

People face the unfortunate consequence of cell phone water damage frequently. They get dropped in the public pools, beach and the toilets. Some left their mobile in their pant pockets and go through in washing machine. Whatever the cause, you will find that if your mobile gets wet, it will stop working. Whether your mobile phone needs to be repaired or to be replaced based on the type of the water involved.

Why this does happen?

Most of the cell phones are not watertight. They are an electronic device, inside the device there are very small circuits, chips that is responsible for them to work. Water is disastrous to a phone.

Home water contains chemicals including chlorine and other minerals. These have a corrosive effect. Even if you have a filtration device on the tap the water can still harm the mobile. When the water gets inside the mobile, it will cause short circuit the components inside the mobile. Getting the mobile wet at the beach is damaging not only because the water is liquid but also because it comprises salt.

When you buy a mobile phone, the manufacturer gives a warranty. If your warranty period expires, you can contract your mobile phone repair service center to repair your mobile. If you are using Xiaomi Redmi mobile, contact our Mi Service Center in Chennai. Our experts in the service center will identify the issue of your damaged mobile and solve it quickly. We are specialized in providing the services to the following damages.

  • Heat exposure
  • Water damage
  • Accidentally dropped phone on the tiled floor

If you purchased insurance for your mobile, many policies cover a replacement mobile. In certain cases, though, the exact similar model is not issued. A substitute or used model is issued to the end user. Let us assume your mobile having the water damage and you don’t having any insurance for your mobile, your other options are to discard your mobile and buy a new one or attempt to repair it on Xiaomi Service Center in ChennaiMostly the water damaged phones can be repaired in the mobile service center. They use the original replacement parts to repair the mobile phone.

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